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Welcome to EDUC 522!


Ready for another semester of academic and professional growth....


Here we are at the beginning of a new semester, and as always it is a fresh start and a new opportunity to learn and grow both as a professional and human being.

So let's address a few basic questions: What are some of your personal or professional goals in EDUC 522 this semester. What would you like to be able to accomplish at the end of this class that you could not do at the beginning? What technologies might you be able to utilize to better reach all learners and learning preferences? What unit(s) might you want to work with in this class? What do you think?

Take a few minutes here as we begin to gather your thoughts and to brainstorm on a plan for progress in this class. Your final posted blogsite entry should be at least three of four paragraphs.


Where we shall house our class this semester!


My name is Jaimie and I am a married mother of three beautiful girls. I graduated with my AA in 2008 at VVC and went straight on to the accelerated Bachelor’s program at APU and graduated in 2010. I took about a year and a half off before starting the credential program at APU. I have completed module 1 and 2 in the MS program and have had to put a hold on module 3 and 4 until I can pass the CSET subtest 101. I also plan on getting a second credential in math once I complete the MS credential program. I have also completed all of the master’s courses for this program except for this class and the capstone class. I would teach any grade at the elementary level but would love to teach third or fourth grade the most. I am hoping to finish school and get a teaching job by the 2015/2016 school year.
What I would like to get out of this class is to be able to better understand technology operations and concepts. I want to be able to use the theory of multiple intelligences and apply the use of technology in the classroom so that I can reach all the students in my classroom, not just the students that relate to my type of learning. I want to learn all I can when it comes to integrating technology in the classroom. I want my students to benefit from all of the technology this world has to offer when it comes to their education.

I am excited to begin this class feeling like I have some modicum of confidence about technology, apps, and what incredible things you can do with them to boost your lesson plans and student engagement. I hope to be able to have some definitive lesson plans that incorporate our current standards of learning with the technology piece that makes learning fun and out of the box. I am still learning about what my iPad can do and the apps that seem to have the most success in the classroom. Many of the online Math programs can do far more than we can imagine and can reach a greater number of students no matter what their learning style. I want to be able to incorporate these into my future classroom with confidence and know exactly how they will benefit my students and support their parents. Since my strength is English, and I am hoping to teach English within special education, I want to focus on helping my students think independently and more critically about the topics we discuss. This is a huge part of the Common Core standards, and our special education students struggle miserably with this skill. I believe that if I can teach them the skills to decipher the main thesis, and know the difference between fact and opinion, they can write an acceptable four-paragraph paper. I think technology is driving our educational system and we, as educators need to know how to keep up and be informed.

My name is Maria. I graduated with my BA from Cal-State San Bernardino. I then substituted and taught 4th grade at the Ontario-Montclair School District before moving abroad and living in China for three years. I have three wonderful children that keep me extremely busy at all times and have been married for 17 years. I plan on going back to teaching now that my youngest daughter will be starting kindergarten. I hope to finish this program in January and begin working as an Elementary teacher again wherever I can get hired. I feel comfortable with all grades and enjoy working with any age. I feel the happiest when I am teaching someone something. I must admit it is a passion.
My professional goal for this class is to learn about the best types of technologies and applications that can be useful to use in any grade for the benefit of differentiated instruction to meet the needs of all types of learners. In the ten year span since I have been in a classroom, there have been many types of changes. One big change is how technology has affected our culture and our educational system. I hope to have a better understanding and grasp of how to correlate multiple intelligences teaching applications with the advancements of technological resources that can create a varied and beneficial learning environment in a classroom, whereby meeting the needs of all learners.
My personal goal is learning to become an educator who can teach and relate to digital natives in our classrooms. Our educational system has changed due to the technological culture that is continually changing our society. I hope to become more aware of those changes and how to use technology to better my teaching, the curriculum, and understanding for all learners. Making my students successful for this generation and the next is a personal goal that I strive for.

Hello, my name is Randee. I graduate from California State San Marcos with my bachelors degree in Liberal Studies and a minor in history. I currently attend Azusa Pacific last quarter I finished my teaching credential in special education (mild/moderate) though I am still working on my student teaching. I am also beginning my endeavor on my masters degree. I currently am employed on an internship as a special education teacher and I work with students who are emotionally disturbed.
I love technology and I am jazzed that there is a masters degree that incorporates my love of technology and teaching. I believe that technology have its place in education though especially with special education and can help student succeed who may have not been able to without technology. I am really looking forward to this class! Thank you!

Hello my name is Vivian and I'm a second year teacher for the Hesperia Unified School District. I got my bachelors degree in math from CSUSB and single subject credential from APU. I'm a single mom of two wonderful children, who are 10 and 12 and keep me on my toes around the clock. Some of my professional goals this semester are to be able to use technology and a wide range of strategies to reach all intelligences in the classroom. I typically reach most learners, but there are definitely a couple more I can improve upon. As far as a personal goal for this semester, I hope to close the recently opened escrow on my first home. By the end of the class, I would like to accomplish the knowledge and versatility of technology use for my mathematics students. The more technologies and knowledge of these technologies I add to my bank, the better prepared I will be for the next school year. Some of the technologies I might utilize to better reach all learners are the iPad (and several apps), websites such as learnzillion, prezi, youtube, edmodo, today’s meet, google sites and drive, and my projector and laptop to name a few. The units I might want to work with this term are factoring, polynomials, and systems of equations. The reason I chose these is because they are the most challenging in Algebra 1 and I think its extremely important to reach all types of learners in those units.

Personally, at the end of this quarter, my goal is to complete all of my work in a timely and efficient manner. I, as most of you are, am extremely busy with work (I teach SDC History and reading at Mayfair High/Middle School in Lakewood), family (married for 5 years to Natalie with a 14 month old daughter named Maggie), home responsibilities (bought our first place last year and still not even close to figuring out what it means to be a homeowner), and everything else that comes with life. That said, I am looking forward to the opportunity to again better my skills at prioritizing and planning in order to get it all done in the best way possible.

Professionally, I would like to be able to learn more about the brain and what cognitive research is telling us about how kids learn, especially students with disabilities. I want to be able to better recognize the effectiveness of my lessons and ways in which I can use the theories of multiple intelligences to enhance my students’ styles of learning.

There are many technologies that I would like to learn more about, but the main technology I would like to be able to better utilize with my students is Google Apps (Drive, etc.). I want to improve my technological skills so that I can provide a heavy online presence to my class where they can have access to various materials that will better suit their learning style and give them opportunities to express what they have learned in unique and creative ways.

In this class, I would like to focus on the SDC World Geography class that I teach. It is a semester long class, and there are many opportunities to really make the world come alive using technology. I am excited to dive into this course and expand my skills and knowledge in multiple intelligences and educational technology!

I started a this journey 7 years ago. I was a single mother of 4 working 3 jobs searching for a direction. I found myself in school, received a Bachelor's in Organizational Leadership. I received a credential to teach moderate/severe and am currently teaching, my second year. I have always had a fond curiosity with technology. Working as a secretary in the educational setting for 4 years started this curiosity as the job required some knowledge regarding technology. I became the site technology "person". This set my in the direction for my masters and here we are! Yeah....
My professional goal for this semester is to feel confident creating and implementing lessons that my students would benefit from. This student population has many facets and I believe technology can provide a valuable tool in assisting them to succeed. I want to also feel confident in helping the general education teachers with implementing the use of technology in the classroom setting creating a strong technology culture. I am watching our world become immersed in technology. I want to be moving forward with understanding how to best utilize it diverse settings.

Having a three year old son who can navigate an iPad and knowing how to surf the web using the mouse and clicking buttons – just amazes me. Cell phones nowadays are as strong as computers. Working in a school where they try to push technology in the classroom. Being lucky enough to have iPads available and student computers in the room so the students can become familiar with technology is a valuable asset. Technology is becoming part of our everyday life. The problem is using the technology in a way to teach students about the curriculum (that is expected for them to know).
One problem I have is how to implement this technology to teach the curriculum to the students. I have used computers to teach my students how to fill out applications, use Office, and look for the weather. Teaching special educational students, I find it difficult or frustrating not knowing how to use the equipment I have, to its full potential. The computers are being used to surf the web, listen to music, and look at pictures. Very seldom, the computers and iPads are being used more than an entertainment device.
I would like to learn how to use my technology in a fashion it was purchased to be used. These devices are expensive and I do believe they should be used to help further the students’ education. I would like to feel confident knowing that I am using the purchased technology in a meaningful way.

I’m Kiedryn, and I have been attending APU for a few years now. I am kind of on an extended Masters & Credentialing program. I unfortunately have had to stop taking classes a couple of times due to unforeseen circumstances within my family life.

I received my Bachelors at University of Phoenix in 2009. I am a wife and mother of three children. I have two boys and a daughter. Both of my boys play on a travel basketball team, and my daughter is in gymnastics, needless to say life can get hectic. We also own two businesses; a wholesale car dealership and a car accessory shop.

I am so ready to get this part of my life completed and move on to my career of teaching and working with children whom hold a special place in my heart. I have always wanted to teach elementary aged children. I always had great relationships with my teachers even after leaving their classes. I think that we need more passionate and caring educators in the special education field, there are many children that need the extra attention and time and they are not receiving it.

My goal for taking my current classes is just to have a better understanding of using technology in the classroom. We are moving at such a fast pace in technology in society and our classrooms should also be on board. Younger children know how to operate Ipads, Iphones and tablets better than adults can and I don’t want to be one of those adults asking a student for help, not that it is impossible. I want to know all that I can and be better prepared for the future!