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Spring II EDUC 515 -- Check 'Em Out!


Ready for a productive, busy nine weeks of academic and professional growth.


Here we are at the beginning of a new semester, and as always it is a fresh start and a new opportunity to learn and grow both as a professional and human being.

So let's address a few basic questions: What are some of your personal or professional goals in EDUC 515 this semester. What would you like to be able to accomplish at the end of this class that you could not do at the beginning? What technologies might you be able to utilize to "teach digitally"? As technology continues to change profoundly how we live and work, what might be the implications for education? Or to be more specific, the implications for teachers? Students? What do you think?

Take a few minutes here as we begin to gather your thoughts and to brainstorm on a plan for progress in this class. Your final posted blogsite entry should be at least three or four paragraphs.


Shane gives a "thumbs up" during first class meeting!!


At the end of this course, I would like to be able to find uses for the technologies I have been learning about in a SDC room. I think that all of the technologies are wonderful and can definitely provided extra support for students, but I am not exactly sure how I could use my blog or wiki page to better the educational experience for my students. My ideal job would be working in a Kindergarten through third grade classroom and I would like to learn ways to incorporate different technologies throughout the school day.

Currently, I know that an iPad is an extremely useful tool for students. One of our first grade students has an IEP goal which revolves around gaining the ability to activate the iPad as a switch to listen to various stories and play the keyboard. I have also seen a student use an iPod to simultaneously listen to a story as he followed along. This greatly increased his reading comprehension skills regarding his IEP goal. In these instances, I have first hand witnessed how effective technology can be to increase the learning capabilities of a student.

I believe that technology will continue to be integrated into a variety of educational settings. For students, I believe that this will have a huge impact and benefit them tremendously. I do feel that there does need to be some attention to how much technology a student is exposed to for their entire day. I don’t think it is beneficial for a student to lose out on social or extracurricular activities because they are developing obsessive tendencies towards using technology.

I think that teachers will need to have a willingness and devotion to continue to learn about new technologies as they arrive. The realm of technology is growing and changing rapidly. There are tools that may have been new and exciting just a few months ago but have become easily outdated. I think that technology will be forever changing and it is the duty of an educator to determine how it will be beneficial for his or her students.

I think that a major accomplishment that I can achieve by taking this course is gaining and developing an ability to map out practical, realistic goals for incorporating technology into a
classroom.  By this I mean that I will secure the ability to use technology tools to enhance my
abilities as a teacher, and the learning experience of my students.  I want to be able to not only
effectively use technology, but use it efficiently, too.  However, to to accomplish this goal I need
to obtain various skills and specific knowledge.

I hope to obtain practical knowledge of specific technologies that can be used to broaden
my students’ exposure, and life experiences.  I work with many student who have been deprived
of what some take for granted in childhood.  They have been left with experiential gaps that can
have major impacts upon their learning.  For example, students who have been neglected by
parents can lack basic social/emotional skills because they have never had the opportunity to
learn vicariously through stories that were read to them.  Hopefully I can find a tool that can help
students develop social/emotional skills.

I also have a selfish goal that I hope this course will help me achieve.  I want to build up a
portfolio of technology skills that I am proficient in.  I think it would look really good to bring
something like this to an interview, and be able to say, “Here is an example of how I can use,
this, this, and this, in the classroom.”  So many schools are looking for teachers that are able to
use technology, and I think a portfolio like this might give me an edge.
Finally, I hope that this course increases my knowledge.  I enjoy learning as much as I
can about education from both a practical and academic standpoint.  I am eager to build up
knowledge in the hopes that through experience it may one day become wisdom.  It sounds like
this course will give me opportunities to learn about technology through the broader lense of
education as a whole.

One professional I would like to accomplish is to learn where and how to utilize what I have learned into the classroom. Before working at a school, I have typically been capable of figuring out how to work my computer to meet my paper, research, and basic software needs. Currently, as I spend a majority of my time on the computer for classroom work, I am realizing that I have a lot to learn in order to keep up with classroom technology.
A personal goal for EDUC 515 would have to be confidence with technology. I was hesitant when considering this MA program because I do not have a great amount of experience or confidence when it comes to computers. As previously stated, I have knowledge of the basics (Word, Excel, etc.). I am looking forward to learning how to apply this information in my classroom and for my own personal use. I believe working in education means being competent to use the tools that have been provided to us as teachers.
A few technologies that I would like to utilize in my current/future classrooms would be for communication, increasing organization, and creating interactive or engaging lessons. As a resource teacher, I find it difficult to create lesson plans with digital components for two reasons. The students will typically come to me after their lesson has been presented, and I work with them in a small group size to provide support. I have a very short window of time with them, and the assignment is predetermined. Another reason it is difficult is that there are many different groups with different assignments going on at the same time. If I have created a lesson that includes graphics or an audio component, I would need to make sure it is presented at a time when it would not distract others from taking a test or working on their own assignment. I am currently utilizing email and SESP program to work with other members of the team when working on a report for a student.
The discussion our class had on Monday in regards to technology implications has really had me thinking about the “gray area”. One thing I like about Special Education is that every problem that has come up so far has been solved when looking at the black and white policies or laws. Technology seems to have such a gray area because it has progressed so much at home and at school. Just like the discussion in class- a student is being bullied online by another student. Shouldn’t that student be helped? Or if it isn’t affecting them at school- does that mean we stay out of it? I can only imagine the other implications our class will be diving into during this class session. I look forward to seeing how others approach these questions when considering technology and their students.

My professional goals for this class is to not procrastinate on class work. I also plan on doing all of my projects and assignments to my full potential. I have several goals I would like to accomplish in this class. First I want to understand where technology has come in the past years to present day. I think that understanding this will help me better utilize technology. By the end of this class I also want to understand how to use Prezi. This is one technology that I have not yet learned a lot about. I would also like to learn more about podcasting.
I believe that there are hundreds of technologies that we can use to teach digitally. One main technology that I want to learn how to use in the classroom is an iPad. I also want to learn about how to better utilize a wiki/blog to communicate with parents. I also want to find and build a library of apps and websites to support student learning.
As technology continues to change how we live and work we must adapt to give students these technology skills that students will need for their life. Students need to learn how to use these technologies just as much as they need to learn how to read. Teachers also need to understand students technology uses. We need to know that students may be more excited about using technology. As teachers we need to understand that students are going to expect everything instantly and we need to teach our students how to slow down.

My goals for this class are to learn about how much technology has changed through out the years. Most importantly I want to learn how to use the technology that I learn in the classroom. Another very important goal I have is to get all my work done on time. That way I can enjoy learning and avoid stressing out, but that is easier said than done. I also want to learn how to efficiently apply technology to lessons. I want to be able to use technology to make things run smoothly in the classroom.

After the first class I am already highly interested in the evolution of technology. It made me think of things I didn’t consider a technology. When I hear the word technology I automatically think of something computerized, but technology in the classroom can be so much more.

Learning about technology that is not as effective in the classroom as other is also important because in knowing we will most likely avoid a future technical difficulty. i want to be a able to provide my students with tools that they can use to make learning interesting and productive.

Finally, I want to keep up with current and future technology. Right now it seems that the future in the classroom involves an Ipad. I want to be prepared and have knowledge on how to use an Ipad in class. I want to become familiar with how to use it, what apps I can use and how to apply what I learned in the classroom.

First off, I do not know what to exactly expect from the class. I honestly thought we would be learning hands on technology like the previous two courses, but we started with a discussion of technology in the classroom. I found that discussion to be very intriguing, so as far as goals go I hope to get a realistic perspective of how to approach the classroom with technology. I have all this information, now I want to know how this will have an impact on students.
I found the techniques I learned from the previous courses really helpful. Those were things I had no idea about and now I am capable of doing. I would like to be able to discover more new techniques involving technology. I welcome new knowledge with excitement, especially if it is hands on.
After the discussion, I am intrigued with how technology has advanced and how it impacts society. I would like to listen to discussions on that subject. Especially since technology is very prominent now. I enjoy having discussions with friends about politics and society. I feel we learn more by hearing others and taking in opinions. Reading is nice and all, but critical thinking is great.
My last goal of the class is to get an idea of where we are going with technology. Seven years ago I didn’t have computer and my phone was a flip-phone with buttons. Now I have a phone that has access to anything I want. How will our society and schools be impacted by all this? I am very curious to get a sense of it all.

What are my Goals?

My goals for this class in my opinion are quite simple I want to learn everything I can to help me become a better person and teacher for my students. With the ever changing technologies out their I wanted to gain knowledge about each area so that I could incorporate this into my lessons. I think that this is where education is going and I needed to learn these advancemences in education.

My other goals in taking these courses was to have an advantage when I am looking for jobs as having something extra than other students. Goal wise for just this particular class is to stay on task and make sure that I learn everything there is to learn in this class.

I also whish to become a tad bit more technologically savy that I currently am so hopefully I will be learning how to use everything I have learned proficiently.

One of my personal goals for taking the EDUC 515 course is to help me gain knowledge that I can use to enhance learning for my students in the classroom. I have been exposed to various technologies in previous courses, but I am hoping with EDUC 515, I can learn more and feel comfortable using these tools on a regular basis.

I came from a school where each student, grades 7th to 12th were each assigned an iPad and Kindergarten through 6th grade had an iTouch. This is a great tool for both the students and the teachers, but if the teacher does not have the education and knowledge on how to best incorporate this in the classroom, something that would have been a great learning tool, becomes a distraction. I want to be the kind of teacher that knows how to use this technology and is willing to learn more.

I know that this will be an ongoing process as technology is, and will continue to change. I feel that I am up for the challenge. I think that anyone currently in a classroom or anyone that plans on teaching needs to be aware of these changes and move with them. Students today are constantly being bombarded with media and technology stimulation: sound, movement, and lights are catching and holding their attention. If we want to be effective teachers, we need to find ways to work with, and not compete with technology. I hope that in this class, I am taught ways to make this happen!

As I begin this new semester I feel like I am boiling over with questions and opinions. First, let’s address the questions and goals I have in regards to my professional development in educational technology. It is an undeniable fact that technology is here to stay and is barreling into our schools whether school leaders like it or not. I think education is feverously trying to play catch up with the rest of the world. What technologies can we incorporate into the classroom? Should technology be controlled in our classrooms? How can we train-up veteran teachers or “digital immigrants?” What technologies can we afford to bring into the classroom, and at the same time – what technological resources are free, available and safe for schools to begin using now? These are all questions that education leaders across nation are asking.

At the end of this class there a number of tings I would like to be able to do, or at least discuss. As a classroom teacher I want to know what resources exist that are free or relatively inexpensive that teachers can start using NOW. In the hopes of going into administration, I want to learn what methods exist for MOTIVATING and TRAINGING faculties who are behind and may be fearful of introducing technology into their curriculum.

Technology has and will continue to have a massive affect on education. At the moment I feel like education and technology have a strange relationship – it is almost like a child who found his father’s gun and doesn’t know what to do with it. School districts across the nation all have different relationships with technology. Some school districts welcome technology on campus and are encouraging students to use the media and resources at their disposal to enhance the educational experience. Some districts treat technology like a precious diamond that can only be looked at or used when the time/situation is right… in other words, we can use technology but only when I say so – that type of approach. And then, on the far end of the spectrum you have some school districts that have completely outlawed the use of technology in their schools and see it as a sac-religious infection.

Personally, I am torn. As I said before I have some very strong opinions about the role of technology in our culture, much less our schools. While I do believe technology is a necessary part of “the new world” and a very useful tool, I ALSO think it has gotten out of hand to the point where we are dependent on technology and even letting it take the place of human interaction. I believe that the youth of today would rather send an email or text message to someone instead of speaking with them face to face. I also believe that some of us are losing the ability/the nerve to have face to face conversations with each other. Without the screen, we don’t know what to do! This is scary to me, and flat out wrong. I suppose a more pertinent goal for me in this class would be to come to a better understanding of the ROLE that technology can have, and some of the physiological affects/changes of living in the digital age.