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July 05, 2011

Face-to-Face? Online? Blended?


We met online last week for some forty minutes. What did you think? Compared to our first two classes, was it necessary last week to come sit in class in a brick and mortal building listening to the professor? Or was it just as easy to perform your assignments at home?


The trends in education seems to be one of increasingly "online" and "blended" classes, and some analysts claim that some fifty percent of all classes will be online ones by the next decade. Is this, in your opinion, a positive or a negative trend? Or both!?! Please read these essays and explore the links below:

and then think about your own experience with online classes. Was it a good educational experience? Bad? Both maybe? Why? EXPLAIN! Please write up in some 600 words your experiences and opinions so far with online learning. In addition to as a student, please reflect on how you would like/dislike to teach an online class?

Please write up your responses to the relatively new phenomenon of online learning by our next class session on July 8th, 2011.