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Summer 2011: Evolving Trends, Evolving Students, Evolving Teachers


Ready for a productive, busy nine weeks of academic and professional growth.


Here we are at the beginning of a new semester, and as always it is a fresh start and a new opportunity to learn and grow both as a professional and human being.

So let's address a few basic questions: What are some of your personal or professional goals in EDUC 515 this semester. What would you like to be able to accomplish at the end of this class that you could not do at the beginning? What technologies might you be able to utilize to "teach digitally"? As technology continues to change profoundly how we live and work, what might be the implications for education? Or to be more specific, the implications for teachers? Students? What do you think?

Take a few minutes here as we begin to gather your thoughts and to brainstorm on a plan for progress in this class. Your final posted blogsite entry should be at least three or four paragraphs.


Ready to leap tall buildings!


My personal and professional goals for Education 515 is to gain the knowledge into the ever changing educational technologies. I want to continue to use some of the "traditional" ways of teaching while integrating technology, and what the students are comfortable with, into the curriculum. In order to enhance teaching and learning styles, I want to look at the new technologies that can be incorporated in the classroom and understand them enough to share with other colleagues. I learned a little about Wikis and Blogs, but I would like to spend more time experimenting on what would be most effective for me in terms of teaching and integrating them into my classroom. I want to look more into social media and how I can use that to benefit my students. In order to teach effectively, you need to know and understand what your students interests and aspirations are. I am looking forward to constructing lesson plans and activities using various technologies that can reach all types of learners.
At the end of this accelerated quarter I would like to have learned enough about various technologies to be able to share and teach them to other teachers. I think technology is a major part of our lives, as well as the students’. As we talked about in class last night, in many of the career type jobs in our society, they are using an immense amount of technology. Students need to be exposed to it, besides just social media. They need to know how to type, compose a word document, make a powerpoint, know how to email, and know how to appropriately use the Internet. I want to gain more knowledge on the ethical issues pertaining to technologies in education. There are a lot of situations where it’s very gray. I want to discuss more with my peers and see where they stand on these social issues. Students in today’s society all learn a different way, in a different manner than others. Technology can be a great way to introduce the content in a variety of ways to be able to reach all types of multiple intelligences. Like mentioned before, children today are already comfortable with certain technologies that would be easy to implement in the classroom, so let’s use them!
The technologies that I can see myself teaching with, on a regular basis, would be wikis, blogs, a document camera, Internet, Promethean board, and multimedia. The idea of using ipads and other forms of technology in the class, on a one-to-one level, excites me! I am so happy that I am coming into the profession when technology is such a big portion of the students’ learning. Do I think students will still learn from the “traditional” way? Yes, I believe with the technology and other means to make learning fun and more effective, will only enhance the curriculum and provide an environment where students want to learn.
The implications for teachers, coming into the profession when technology is so prevalent, is they will have to adapt to the evolving times. Dealing with technology, there are two extremes and some hazy spots in the middle. There are some teachers who refuse to “jump on the bandwagon” with technology in the classroom, with that said there are also teachers who use it everyday as their sole means of teaching. I don’t think it’s fair to say that teachers must be the highest extreme, but I believe they should use some technology in their class. Technologies such as email, Internet, multimedia, and computers are essential aspects of the 21st century. We need to expose the students in these areas so they will not fall behind in this fast, evolving society. As for the students, like Prensky states, they are “Digital Natives.” I do think there is some truth to that. Technology does comes easy to children nowadays. I still believe that the education system can do better in training these children to survive in the life of the 21st century and beyond. Technology is only going to evolve as the years go by, at a much faster rate than it has. We need the students to grasp the idea and experience technology so they are not two steps behind when they approach their adult years while trying to make a living.
All in all, I believe that this quarter will help me be a more effective teacher in today’s society. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me. I have been exposed in technology for the majority of my life and I like to think that I “catch” on quickly. I want to make a difference in children’s lives and ultimately make learning enjoyable. I want my students to find a love for learning and become life long learners. I would like to be the teacher that allows them to search for meaning and experiment with technology to help them become successful in their life.

Some of my personal goals for this class is to learn new ways to integrate technology into my mathematics classroom. I want to be able to learn about the new technology that are available for me to teach to my students to create an interesting and effective lesson, such as using a blog and a wiki. Our students are exposed to new technology everyday through computers, phones, iPods, TV's, just to name a few. I believe that I need to be able to make a connection with my students and one way would be through the ever changing of technology.
By the end of this class, I want to be able to have several resources that I can have access to when I get into my classroom. I want to be able to create lessons that encompass technology in a creative way. I would also like to be able to teach other teachers at my school the use of technology that I learned in EDUC 515.The technology that I might be able to utilize to "teach digitally" would include a document camera, blogs, wikis, multimedia and the internet. As we move forward into the 21st century, the use of new technology will no longer be an option but a requirement.
As we spoke in the classroom previously, most schools are outdated when it comes to the latest technologies. This generation is very comfortable with technology and as a teacher, I would like to adopt this wonderful opportunity and take advantage to properly use the tools, and skills that I have acquired in this class and be able to utilize it into my classroom.

My goal for this class is to learn about educational technologies: what is available to utilize now, what the possibilities are for future technologies in the classroom, and how we’ve progressed as a society to enjoy the technologies we currently use (and sometimes take for granted.) By the time this class is over, I would like to be an expert blogger, as right now I am only a novice/hobbyist. Also, I would like to learn more about wikis, because right now my understanding of them is pretty vague.

The technologies I am currently able to use in order to “teach digitally” are limited to webquests and power point presentations. However, I have some ideas for creating songs and putting them to moving graphics in order to help students memorize and conceptualize challenging concepts. Of course, I have to learn how to play the acoustic guitar first, which is a technology in and of itself, albeit a very old one. But, perhaps I can finally figure out how to use “Garage Band” on my MacBook, and put the song together that way.

I think the future of education will consist of e-readers for students so that they won’t have to lug around heavy textbooks. In the distant future, I foresee 3-D holograms projecting out of individual desktops that replace the old-fashioned 2-D pictures or graphics in a textbook. Because of this, it would be a good idea to offer computer science or programming classes in middle school and high school so that we can employ Americans instead of outsourcing our tech jobs overseas. Teachers will have to be computer savvy themselves in order to stay relevant in education.