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April and May of Spring II: Evolving Trends in Educational Technology


Ready for a productive, busy nine weeks of academic and professional growth.


Here we are at the beginning of a new semester, and as always it is a fresh start and a new opportunity to learn and grow both as a professional and human being.

So let's address a few basic questions: What are some of your personal or professional goals in EDUC 515 this semester. What would you like to be able to accomplish at the end of this class that you could not do at the beginning? What technologies might you be able to utilize to "teach digitally"? As technology continues to change profoundly how we live and work, what might be the implications for education? Or to be more specific, the implications for teachers? Students? What do you think?

Take a few minutes here as we begin to gather your thoughts and to brainstorm on a plan for progress in this class. Your final posted blogsite entry should be at least three or four paragraphs.


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Some of my personal goals for this class are to learn new ways to integrate technology into my future classroom. I want to be able to easily use my blog and wiki to post homework, videos, lectures, and links for students to access. I also want to be able to make it easy and fun for students to access so homework is interesting and fun. I also want to find new technological resources to be able to integrate into a classroom.

By the end of this class, I want to be able to have a variety of resources that I can have to access when I get a job. I want to be equipped to show in an interview that I have a library of technological resources and opportunities for students to learn in the 21st century. For example, by having a blog, wiki, video examples, and other computer related resources, I can show that I have the skills and knowledge to teach in the 21st century.

The implications for education are that technology is a large part of how we live our everyday lives. Most jobs are centered around using technology in some way or another. What I want to teach my students is how to integrate and use technology for educational and task related purposes. Students need to know the importance of technology and how it can help them determine what type of job they might get in the future. As a teacher, I want to learn as many technological tips and skills to pass along to my students. I also want to keep myself updated on new technological advances and be continually incorporating them into the classroom for the benefit of my students.

Some of my personal goals in EDUC 515 this new semester is to be able to learn how to integrate technology into a mathematics classroom. This semester, I want to learn about the new technologies that are available to teachers and how we can utilize these new instruments to make teaching more effective. I want to use my peers as a resource to introduce me to software products that I could use in my lessons. In general, I want to be able to incorporate technology in my lessons to make my lessons not only interesting, but effective. My goal is to be able to understand how to use technology to provide my students with a variety of resources that will make their learning experience unique and successful.
At the end of this semester, I want to be able to create lessons that incorporate technology in a creative way. I would like to create an environment in my classroom where students do not feel that they are given busy work. Instead, I would like students to have meaningful assignments that will allow students to learn math while having fun. I also want to collect as many resources as possible in order to cover most areas of the eight Multiple Intelligences framework. I am hoping that throughout this semester I will learn on how to adapt my teaching methods to this new age of technology.
As we advance in the 21st century, the use of new technology will no longer be a choice, but become a necessity. Today most schools are outdated when it comes to the latest technologies, not because of the lack of it, but by the resilience of some individuals to adapt to the new age of technological advances. The world has been changing rapidly in the last twenty-five years due to technological innovations. Children are growing up exposed to technologies on a daily basis through the use of TVs, computers, phones, music players, and video game consoles. This generation is comfortable with technology and is receptive when technology is used. Thus as educators, this is not a time to shy away from using technology, but a time to embrace it for its many benefits within the school setting. We as educators need to adapt with the changing climate and do our best to learn about the technology that is available and how to properly integrate these tools into our classrooms in order to reach a population of students who are hungry for it.

I look forward to the experience and knowledge that I hope to gain in Education 515 this term. I believe that this class will help me better serve my students and appeal to their various learning styles. In Educational Psychology and other courses I have learned that every student processes information and learns differently. It is important that teachers are not rigid in their teaching styles and cater to various learners whether visual, kinesthetic, auditory, etc.. This class will equip me with more tools to serve this variety of students. I hope to apply methods and examples used in class to refine my methods of instruction in the classroom and become more a more effective teacher. I also look forward to exploring the wide variety of ethical issues relating to technology currently in the field of education that will make my teaching experience different from that of many teachers before me.

More specifically, by the end of this class I would like to be better familiar with using blogs and wikis. I think that these would be effective tools in new forms of communication with my students and provide a wide variety of opportunities. Furthermore, I would like to begin to utilize a blog or a web page of some sort to post information where students can access information they may have missed if absent from a class lecture. Additionally, I would like to have a better understanding of the future path of technology in education. Through discussion and research I feel I will be better prepared to become a successful teacher in the field of education. Finally in conjunction with Education 514, I hope to become more literate or advanced in my computer proficiency. Though I am experienced in Microsoft Office, I would like to gain valuable experience in editing video and sound.

As technology continues to change, I believe that our education system will be greatly influenced. It is important that teachers remain knowledgeable of the newest trends in technology so that they can speak the language of their students and better educate them. I believe that I will be able to incorporate various technologies into my classroom so that I can relate to my students. As I previously mentioned, the use of blogs and wikis in communicating with my classes seems very plausible and beneficial. As time progresses, I believe knowledge of digital video and online video messaging/conferencing will be pertinent to teaching. Eventually I believe schools will greater utilize online courses and video lectures that can be applied to any subject. However changes may even become greater as Marc Prensky highlighted the use of video and computer game instruction in learning. Whatever direction education heads, it will be hands-on and interactive with students. Teachers’ roles and job responsibilities look to change significantly within the next twenty years in the field of education.

I feel as though this course was really tailored to my own personal ideologies regarding the future of education. I see the next generation of students going to school with a single device, rather than a backpack full of books, that provides them with the needs to complete their reading, do their homework, turn in their assignments, find alternate, supplementary or even differentiated methods of instruction input, stay organized and share with their peers effortlessly and seamlessly. I period of education wherein students are grouped together by their learning styles or preferred methods for learning, rather than what year they were born. A future radically different from our own and many decades away, but one that is essential for the success of the educational system.
As a hopeful educator, I hope to be a part of this transitional period, because if we simply “stay the course”, we cannot succeed. This course will be a small part of my development as a teacher, but I hope it will greatly impact the thinking and methods I hope to implement in order to better suit the learning needs of my students and provided them with the education that is best suited to them and their instructional needs.

Some of my personal goals in this class are to learn how to utilize new strategies to integrate technology into math. I want to be able to incorporate a blog, a wiki site, videos, power points, and screen cast lectures into my pedagogy. I want to be able to stand out from other teachers by incorporating technology that will connect with a majority of my students. By incorporating a blog and a wiki site with all of my classes, students and parents will be able to access all of the course information at any time. These sites will give parents an opportunity to view their student’s grade, provide feedback to myself, find homework assignments, find resources to help their student, and find videos or power points on each lesson. Since technology is continually evolving I am excited to learn about more resources that I can integrate into my classroom.
By the end of class, I want to be able to organize all of the technologies learned and incorporate them into an effective unit plan for my class. If I am able to create one unit plan that utilizes technology, them I will be able to create more units and lessons in the same manner. I want to be able to plan and design effective learning environments that will be supported by technology to maximize my students learning. I don’t just want to put together a blog or wiki and have my students click on links to resources. I want the students utilize technology so that I can facilitate a variety of effective assessment strategies.
The implications for education are that technology will no longer be an option it will become a necessity. Almost every aspect of our lives are devoted to utilizing technology. Teachers need to create adaptations in their lesson and unit plans in order to engage their students into learning. Right now the education system is behind on technology. Technology is not utilized that much. Some schools only have one computer lab for their entire school population. What type of message is this sending to the students? If teachers do not adapt new strategies to engage students, they will no be effective in getting the student population ready for college and more importantly their everyday lives. Students will be growing up into a more technological driven society and if they get a teacher that is disconnected from the technological aspect they will have a hard time learning effectively. Students will need to learn to be self sufficient and motivated in order to keep themselves engaged into lessons regardless of technology integration. Until our teaching society learns to embrace technology and change it will put more strain on the students to become successful.

In reference to Marc Prensky’s “Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants,” I am a digital immigrant that grew up in the world of the digital natives. If I were like my peers, I would be a digital native. However, I believe that my access, or lack thereof, to speedy technology held me back. To this day, my parents still have a dial-up internet connection that only allows one computer in the house to access the internet at a time. The only computer outdated enough to have a port for the phone line is my dinosaur of a laptop (about six years old, weighs about 15 pounds) that randomly decides it wants to turn off and not turn back on. Since it took so much time to accomplish any technological tasks, I did not seek digital knowledge. Now, I find myself struggling to catch up. I am hoping that Educ- 515 will help me hit the ground running with my technology advancement. I know I will enjoy learning the ropes much more now that I am out of my parents’ outdated household where I have high-speed internet, a new computer and a new lease on life!
Upon entering the classroom last Monday, I was asked two questions: “Do you have a blog?” and “Do you have a Wiki?” (huh?) As I answered “no....?” with a baffled look on my face, I pretty much summed up my digital knowledge at the beginning of this class: zero. I hope that this class will show me what I have been missing, how it will help me to be a more effective educator, and give me a sense of credibility with my students. The world of technology is the future and (with fear of sounding ridiculously corny) the future is now. If I am a model for my students to emulate and I cannot use the simplest of technology, are they really going to take me seriously? Looking over the syllabus, I am eager to see what a blog, Wiki, Skype, Web 2.0 and Podcasts can be used for in the classroom. But firstly, I have never heard of Wiki or Web 2.0 so I can’t wait to discover what these tools do.
With all the advancements in the field of technology, teaching and learning are changing drastically. Teachers have to compete with handheld devices that are snuck into the classroom. Students have to work harder to focus since they have simpler avenues for distraction. If a teacher is well versed in the interests of the students, this task will become easier to accomplish. By utilizing a digital experience, the teacher can actively captivate the students’ attention.

My personal goals as a teacher include getting to my students on a personal level and to teach them in a way that holds their interest and makes them excited about learning. I believe that using technology in the classroom is a way to get students to respond positively to all subjects in the classroom no matter what their strengths and weaknesses are. For example, I want to help students who are not “wired” to do well in math to enjoy the subject by learning math through a technological basis. Another personal goal is to set up a system in which I can have good and constant communication with my students, their parents/guardians, and my colleagues. I believe that setting up a communication system using blogs, wikis, and other internet based sites are an efficient way to make that happen.

My hope is that by the end of this course I will be caught up with and will understand the latest technology and will know how I can utilize it successfully in my classroom. Although I have the start of a classroom blog and a wiki, I hope to continue to build them throughout this course so that they can be used for multiple purposes in my future classroom. Another hope of mine is to find more ways where I can be a Christian educator in a secular environment. Having spend most of my learning in a private Christian school environment, I have become very used to being able to freely share my love for God in the classroom. As society continues to change (in my opinion, negatively) to where God is absent from the classroom (minus the Pledge of Allegiance), I hope to learn more tools in which I can be a Christian educator without getting in trouble, for lack of better words!

As I stated before, our society is changing in many ways. One of those ways is that schools function more on technology than ever before- and this is just the beginning. I foresee schools being completely dependent on computers and electronic devices, and having less books. To be honest, the thought of this excites me and scares me at the same time. I am happy to be helping the environment by cutting down the production of books, paper, and other tree products, however, I worry about how dependent we are becoming on technology. How many times have we heard of computer crashes and people losing everything? Granted, they are coming out with incredible “back up” pans to prevent something like that fro happening, but what if an entire school’s system crashes? Then where would they be? Could the school easily get back on track? Anyway, those are just some thoughts of mine. :)

My name is Daniel Gonzalez and I have been an instructional assistant/vocational assistant for the Santa Barbara County Education Office at the community based instruction level for students with moderate to severe disabilities for approximately 5 years. I truly enjoy and am encouraged by what I do and am looking forward to learning new skills that I can take with me to the classroom. To make effective and stimulating use of technology is my biggest goal for this class.

To be honest, all throughout my education, from elementary school all the up to earning my bachelor’s degree from the University of California Santa Barbara, I used technology to minimally. It was not until last year that I bought myself a laptop and started using the internet on a daily basis. So, the more information I can acquire from this class will not only benefit my students, but my own personal life as well.

As technology is becoming more and more an imperative part of how we live and work, we must also realize that technology takes perhaps a larger more important role in the field of education. I believe that as an aspiring educator in the field of special education, it is important to recognize that students nowadays are learning in significantly different ways and therefore we must adjust our strategies to meet their needs.

I have a few main goals for this class along with many other smaller goals. One of those goals for this class is learning how to find a middle ground between technology that is educational and technology that is used by students on an everyday basis. Another main goals is finding new ways to keep the class room interesting while still on task and using the most up to date technology available, I think that this will be one of my most challenging goals in this class. I also would really like to find a way to make all of my technology sites, like my wiki and blog, flow and have not only a visual transition but also extremely user friendly for both students, parents & administration.
I would love to able to leave this course with new and innovative ways to get students thinking and learning in my classroom. By accomplishing this goal by the end of this course I will be able to best prepare myself for a classroom of diversity when it comes to knowledge of technology. Also I would love be able to have a filled toolbox of useful technology to be put to use in the classroom. In order to teach digitally you must put to use various technological equipment not just using the same old computer. You must put to use the internet, various search engines and multiple types of operating systems.
As technology is changing constantly we must make sure that the way we teach is constantly adapting. We must mold with the times in order to give our students the best education possible. As long as technology is growing it will be an essential part of the classroom. Teachers will have to learn how to use it and how to implement it into the classrooms and students will most likely have to learn how to use their everyday technological devices for educational purposes.

My goals this quarter are to learn more about computer technologies and programs that can be used in the second language classroom, and I would like to learn practical ways to apply these technologies in the second language classroom. Previously I have created a wiki, a blog, and made educational videos for my classrooms. I would like to expand my use and knowledge of current technologies, so that I can challenge and interest my students in the classroom.
As technology continues to evolve, so should one’s teaching practice. To be updated and exemplary in one’s field requires both reflection and education. As a teacher, this means that I should to the best of my ability stay current with research in my field, pedagogy, and technologies, so that I can be an inspiring and effective teacher.
Ultimately both students and teachers need to stay current with evolving technologies, if they are to stay current in their field of study. Indeed, in today’s job market and international economy, it may be more important than ever that as teachers we are equipping our students with the knowledge they need to meet the challenges they will face outside of the classroom. In the second language classroom, this should include a variety of digital resources and teaching tools for the classroom and for the students.