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May 08, 2007

The Possibilities Are Nearly Endless


"If the lesson plan does not come from the teacher who will teach it, the lesson plan will be mediocre at best."

With respect to the Web 2.0 and modern multimedia, the possibilities for classroom use are nearly endless. We have the power today on our desktop computers to do things that fifteen years ago would have required tens of thousands of dollars and elaborate training. This is a new power given to teachers.

But how will we use that power? With the nearly endless possibilities for innovative and engaging lesson plans and projects using technology comes the heavy (immense?) responsibility of thinking up, designing, creating, and executing such custom curriculum. What Web 2.0 projects do you wish to use in your own unique educational situation? How can you use video and visual learning to increase student engagement and achievement? Not small questions, nor ones that will be answered in one day or one week.

Look both at the big and the small picture. Think of long-term goals that you might accomplish in five years. Also think of a short term goal you could use as a final project in this class.