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How Might a Blogsite Work in My Classroom?

The Blogsite, as Possibly Applied to MY Classroom:

Take a couple of hours to see what other teachers have done with blogsites in their own classrooms, and then filter that information through your own understanding of teaching and what will work in your own classroom. The purpose of this blogsite posting is to help you to find best practices by other educators and then to begin to see ways in which you can employ blogs and blogging in your own unique teaching practice according to the individual needs of the school where you teach.

This blogsite posting, coming as it does as the beginning of our class, is an opportunity for you to think WIDE and BIG. As teachers we have almost unlimited creativity in making our lesson plans. So what might you do with this powerful read/write technology?

I suggest getting an early jump on seeing what other teachers are doing with blogs, and then allowing it all to sit in your mind before posting towards the end of the week.

At any rate, this blogsite posting will come due next Monday June 24, 2006 at the beginning of our class meeting. Good luck!


Looking at what other teachers have done with blogsites in their own classrooms was interesting because everyone used it in a different way. In my classroom I could create study guide questions for a science or social studies test. Students could work independently or with a partner in answering the questions. Another idea is creating a reading log. As students finish reading a book, they could summarize what they have read to help with comprehension.

I really liked the idea of using a class blog for updating parents on what's happening in the classroom. I would set up a system in my classroom where the students would have an oppurtunity to write on the blog everyday. I also like the idea of using the blog for language arts. For example, after we read a story from our curriculum, the students could summarize the story or post questions about the story that they would like answered. It's also great if you make it an extension of school where the students can go on the blog at home for homework of extra credit, which keeps the students away from the T.V. for a little while. The possibilities are endless!