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May 08, 2006

Final Video Brainstorming Ideas

We have finished the obligatory beginning video,
but what shall you do in the more important final video?


Mr. Josh Dinkler put it quite well: "I am really learning that digital video editing is an art, and not just something that can be plopped together." How true! It is not necessarily about learning how to "cut" film footage or insert audio or titles. Those things can be learned in an evening or two. The hard part is the creative process - the deciding what to do, how to tell a story, mood and tone, the building of suspense, the climax and resolution, etc. Often the difference between a mediocre and excellent video has to do with the opening "great idea." That is where the true creativity and "deep level thinking" takes place. That is where genius and true talent makes themselves felt.

So before you actually start making your storyboard and shot lists, give some serious thought to what are your goals with and what do you want to do in your final video for this class. You can frankly do just about anything you want! But that great idea will not necessarily just come to you out of the air. No, it will require some deep thought and introspection.

Use this blogsite posting to work through the larger creative thinking behind your video. Of course this is the beginning stage of the creative process and your final decisions might look very different from what you write here, but that is to be expected.

What are you thinking about doing for your final video? Who is your audience? What is the purpose of the video? What music or "feel" would best achieve your purpose? What music do you need, if any? What shots do you need to shoot with camera? How will you put together the audio and visual components to achieve the desired artistic impact? EXPLAIN!